The importance of responsive design

Why should you be worried about making sure your site is responsive and works on mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones? Surely most people just browse the web on their PC’s at home and work now.

Unfortunately that’s not quite the case anymore. It was in late 2015 when mobile web usage overtook desktop for the first time. As of late 2019, mobile web traffic accounts for about half of all website traffic worldwide (source: StatCounter).

So your site really needs to look as good on a mobile device as it does on a standard desktop.

57% of internet users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile version of their website (Source: socPub)

You can check how mobile friendly your site is by either looking at it on a mobile device (pretty straightforward) or from a desktop, if you are using Google Chrome press F12 which brings up the inspector. To the top left of this window is an icon of a phone/tablet. Clicking that will change the display to show how it looks on a mobile device. From the drop down at the top of the page you can then choose various device types to get a better idea of how your site will look.

You should also be able to check how much mobile traffic passes through your own site using analytics (Google Analytics / Clicky) if you have it installed. It’s always worth reviewing your site analytics on a regular basis to see your user trends and site usage.

All websites that we create are mobile responsive by default (they adjust to the available screen size). This should be the case for most developers, it’s almost a given really.

But if you have a site already, that is particularly old, you may have issues with how your mobile audience view you… and in some cases this could lead to a loss of business.

If you would like us to carry out a review of your site at no cost and obligation then please feel free to contact us today.